Strength and Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning at SSEP

Are you looking for a new training goal and the professional guidance that
is required to achieve it? Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology,
equipped with a complete strength and conditioning gym at our Sydney
University location we can help achieve your performance goals.

Don’t learn how to exercise, learn how to train!

Services include:

✓  Strength and Power Training

✓  Conditioning for Sport and Performance

✓  Long term development

✓  Planning and monitoring

✓  Strength and fitness testing

These are not your average workout gym sessions. Goals and performance are a must and a focus of the latest research and sport scientists. Whether your goals are to try a new method of training, training for a specific sport, or just get strong and fit our services are available for you.

Our strength coaches utilise the latest evidence based practices in all their programs. Each program is tailored to the individuals current fitness levels and strength. Any good program needs updated measures of strength and/or conditioning capacities. Guessing is not good enough.

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Sydney Exercise Physiology Strength and Conditioning