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SSEP Moore Park is located within ‘Stadium Sports Physiotherapy’ clinic.

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SSEP Moore Park is located within Stadium Sports Physiotherapy clinic at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park.

We work closely with the Physiotherapists and  Sports and Exercise Physicians at Stadium Sports Physiotherapy.

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Getting Here

Public Transport


Central Station is the closest train station. From Central you can take a 5 minute taxi ride or it’s a 30 minute walk.
If you choose to walk take exit 4 towards Elizabeth Street at the North Concourse end of the station terminal.


There are plenty of buses that can drop you off within a 5 minute walk of our clinic. Check the Transport NSW bus route for your best options.


There is plenty of free 2 hour parking available at the Wilson parking station, entry via Errol Flynn Blvd, 200 metres from the clinic.

There is also metre parking available on Driver Avenue and a drop off zone directly out the front of the clinic.

Your health is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is time for you to start taking care of yourself and your family. Call and book an appointment with an expert Exercise Physiologist in Moore Park today.

Everyone can benefit from physical activity, no matter your age. It is able to help you lose weight and improve your health and quality of life. Regular exercise is also able to help fight and prevent chronic diseases. 

Many people are under the impression that exercise is boring and takes up too much time. That doesn’t have to be the case. At Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology, our accredited staff will devise a plan that will be perfect for you.

Best Exercise Physiologist Moore Park

Benefits of regular physical activity


You will get a better night’s sleep


Your balance will improve, decrease the risk of falls


Helps fight depression


Is a great tool for helping manage type 2 diabetes


Your energy level will increase


Exercise can lower blood pressure


Improve cholesterol levels


Strengthen your body


Manage your weight


Improve the ability to recover more quickly from sickness and injury


Fight and prevent chronic medical conditions

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Moore Park Staff

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are experts in the field of health and fitness using sport science. They have the knowledge and are able to build you a program that will improve your strength and mobility following an injury, illness or cardiac arrest.

At Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology, our professional Exercise Physiologists in Moore Park are able to use exercise as a way to help you reach your sport and fitness goals. Exercise is also important when you are dealing with chronic health conditions.

Our Exercise Physiologists in Moore Park are looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. They will design a medically sound, customised exercise program from your initial assessment. The program will aim to return full function, reestablishing muscle strength, improving flexibility and increasing endurance.

We provide the following services at our Moore Park location:


VO2 Max and Threshold Testing

Testing is able to provide valuable information for coaches and athletes. Knowing certain information allows for a more accurate determination and implementation of training levels, competition and recovery time.

Everyone is unique and has their own training threshold that can change over time. Changes can happen due to various reasons such as illness, injury and exercise history.

Measurements should be taken at different times of the year. These times will vary depending on your sport, goals and training periodisation. For maximum efficiency and performance outcomes, it is recommended that you should get baseline measurements and testing done before you begin a new program.


Long Term Athletic Development

Long-Term Athlete Development, is a progressive program for athletes that want to maximise their potential while enjoying sports.

It is recommended that long-term athletic development should be started at an early age. Learning skills and movement at the right times is crucial in improving activity or sport. Our team will help establish these skills and movements.

Learning skills starting at a young age, and staying active throughout your life, will help you and/or your children achieve fullest potential and fight chronic health conditions.

Exercise Physiologist Moore Park

Private Exercise Consultations

Our Exercise Physiologist Moore Park team provides private exercise consultations to people of all ages.

Our goal is to help you maintain or improve your overall health. Our accredited Exercise Physiologists in Moore Park will provide you with a safe exercise plan that has been customised just for you. 

To provide you with an exercise plan you will first go through an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will identify your goals, access your lifestyle and behaviours, review current status, complete a detailed medical and musculoskeletal history, and conduct international standard anthropometric measurements.


Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning services are aimed at Improving and maintaining general or sport-specific skills. Our programs can help maximise training benefits and help hobbyists improve their overall fitness and prepare athletes for competition.

Strength and conditioning is also a way to help prevent injuries. A well-designed strength and conditioning program will lead to fewer injuries while improving strength and flexibility.

Our Exercise Physiologists in Moore Park will assess your fitness level and strength requirements, and design a personalised plan using the newest evidence-based practices.



Exercise rehabilitation needs to begin soon after the acute phase. Most exercises will be pain-free. To heal properly and return to your daily routines quickly and pain-free it is important to stick to the three following exercise rehabilitation stages:


Early stage rehabilitation

This stage will involve gentle exercises that will allow damaged tissue to heal properly.


Mid stage rehabilitation

The next stage introduces progressive loading. By gradually increasing the load exerted on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, there will be an increase of strength.


Late stage rehabilitation

The final stage involves functional exercises intended to improve your strength, flexibility and stamina. It works new tissues and gets the body ready for pain-free movement.

Various injuries and medical conditions can be improved with exercise rehabilitation:


Chronic pain






Limb amputation


Recovery from a serious illness




Multiple sclerosis


Cerebral palsy


Brain injury


Spinal cord injury

Exercise rehabilitation also helps to:


Improve fitness, strength, posture and flexibility


Reach sporting goals

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At Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology we are here to help you reach your physical goals. We offer testing and treatment that will assist you in improving your health and lifestyle. 

If you want to work with the best Exercise Physiologist in Moore Park, give us a call and let us show you what we can do.