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Exercise Rehabilitation

As Exercise Physiologists, we believe in healing through movement.

Exercise rehabilitation can be powerful if you are suffering from any of the following 


Sports injuries


Workplace injuries


Cardiovascular disease


Diabetes 2


Back pain






Mental health disorders

Exercise Rehabilitation provides healing through movement

Our Exercise Physiologists will take you through a personalised exercise rehabilitation training program. They will get you moving in the right way so that you can heal and realise your fitness and lifestyle goals. 

When you choose Exercise Physiology as your preferred method of rehabilitation you may be eligible for Medicare rebates if referred by your GP and Private Health Fund Rebates. Talk to your GP about a referral to our Exercise Physiologists for any of the following: 


Workplace injury 

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 

Medicare for Exercise Rehabilitation

At Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology, we support those in need of rehabilitation by providing Exercise Physiology to those in need under Medicare. To 
be eligible you must get a referral to us from your GP. Your GP will determine your 
eligibility based on your medical history and fill out the appropriate referral form. 
Are you are a health professional? Fill out this referral form for Medicare patients. 

Private Health Care for Exercise Rehabilitation

You will be pleased to know that Exercise Physiologists are covered by your private health care provider. (Rebates may vary and we are unavailable through HICAPS at present.) 

Click here for a list of current providers​ who recognise Exercise Physiology as a service. 

What is Exercise Rehabilitation? 

Exercise rehabilitation plays an important role during recovery from pain or injury. The 
goal of rehabilitation is to help you recover faster while preventing unnecessary injury. 
Exercise rehabilitation will restore function and get you back to your everyday routine so 
you can enjoy life with the aches and pains.  
The purpose of exercise rehabilitation is to bring back full function after an injury. 
Exercise helps to improve flexibility, restore muscle strength, endurance and power. Our 
professional and accredited Exercise Physiologists will work with you and plan various 
exercises so that you can achieve these results. 
To successfully heal from an injury exercise rehabilitation is important, but often 
overlooked. Understanding your injury allows us to plan a successful exercise regimen 
for you to follow. Healing times vary depending on the person as well as the injury. 
What is Exercise Rehabilitation? Recovery with exercise rehabilitation in Sydney

How Does Exercise Rehabilitation in Sydney Work? 

Exercise rehabilitation needs to begin soon after the acute phase and most exercises will be pain-free. To heal properly and return to your daily routines quickly and pain-free it is important to stick to the three following exercise rehabilitation stages: 


Early stage rehabilitation 

This stage will involve gentle exercises that will allow damaged tissue to heal properly.


Mid stage rehabilitation

The next stage introduces progressive loading. By gradually increasing the load exerted on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, there will be an increase of strength. 


Late stage rehabilitation  

The final stage involves functional exercises intended to improve your strength, flexibility and stamina. It works new tissues and gets the body ready for pain-free movement.

Exercise Rehabilitation Has Many Benefits

When you are recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic conditions or going through cancer treatment, it is normal to not want to exercise. You might not feel up to it, but the benefits of exercise rehabilitation are worth the time and energy that you will spend. We will help you learn and execute your exercises correctly to reach some of these benefits: 

Quicker recovery


Decreased pain


Reduce fatigue


Boost endurance


Reduce pain


Improve muscle strength


Boost energy


Increase flexibility


Improve balance


Prevent future injuries and re-injury


Relieve depression symptoms


Reduce stress


Improve mental health


Increase self-confidence

Our Exercise Rehabilitation Team in Sydney

Our Exercise Physiologists are accredited and recognised with Exercise and Sport 
Science Australia (ESSA). They are experts in their field, have many years of 
experience and are able to offer a wide range of services for your recovery. 
Accredited Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the field of health and fitness using 
sports science​. They excel in exercise rehabilitation and can improve your strength and 
mobility following an injury, illness or cardiac arrest. 
The Team at Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology are able to create personalised exercise programs based on your assessment. These programs are aimed at bringing back full 
function, restoring muscle strength, improving flexibility and increase endurance. 

Start Your Exercise Rehabilitation Program Today

If you require exercise rehabilitation or want to know more about how we can help you contact one of our Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology locations. The quicker you start, the faster you can become your new self. For Medicare and private referrals for exercise rehabilitation, use the online referral form. 

Referrals can be obtained through the following links:

Medicare/Private Referrals

Please use this online referral form for EPC Medicare and private patients.

Workers Compensation Referrals

Please use this online referral form for WorkCover and Insurance patients.

DVA Referrals

Please use this online referral form for the Department of Veteran Affairs and Military Personal Services patients.