Exercise Consultations

Book an individual exercise consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists

Individual Exercise Consultations

Your first consultation with Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology
will involve a detailed health and fitness assessment.

We then develop a specific, personalised exercise plan tailored to your needs.


In your initial consultation, we will:

✓  Identify and discuss your exercise and fitness goals

✓  Complete a detailed medical and musculoskeletal history

✓  Assess current exercise and lifestyle and behaviours

✓  Review your current fitness status

✓  Conduct international standard anthropometric measurements

From this detailed assessment, we will:

✓  Establish key strategies that are practical, achievable and specific to your goals

✓  Create an individualised exercise plan personalised to fit your lifestyle

✓  Provide relevant health education

✓  Provide appropriate written resources

✓  Give recommendations regarding follow-up consultations

Follow up Consultations

To ensure that you receive optimal information regarding your exercise
program, follow up consultations are often necessary. As exercises
require correct techniques and progressions, follow up consultations are
generally more frequent in the early stages and often less frequent as
your body and lifestyle adapt.

Follow-up consultations are generally 30 minutes in duration, although appointments of one hour are
offered when appropriate. In these follow-up sessions we will monitor your progress and continue to adapt and progress your exercise program to help you achieve your goals.

Private Exercise Consultations - Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology